Ploar Bear

Our Notes Page

Wonder List

I wonder why they are endangered
I wonder if they live anywhere other than the polar regions
I wonder if people hunt polar bear
I wonder how I can help protect the polar bear


What habitat does your animal live in (savanna, desert, ocean, rainforest, taiga, coral reef, polar regions)
polar bear lives in the polar regions

Why is your animal endangered? How many are left?
it is endangered becues

What role does your animal play in the ecosystem?


If your animal becomes extinct, what impact will this have on their ecosystem?
there will be too many of the animal it eats and not any more food

List some TRUE statistics about your animal

If your animal becomes extinct, what impact will it have on me (Why should people care?)

What can I and other humans do to help?


goriler articels

Images, Video & Other material

here is the polar bear and tiger
sorce tiger_+_polar_bear.jpg