Uniforms Megan and Mayar

Emma Synnestvedt
Uniforms in school
I don’t think that kids at Covington should have to wear school uniforms. They should be allowed to choose what they wear. First of all, the quality of the clothing might be itchy or uncomfortable, and they would have to wear it every day. Also, if the uniform was still in the washing machine, the kid would have to miss school and it would affect the child’s report card. That would not be good. It would limit his or her college choices! You would not be likely to get your first choice school. If teachers and principals can choose what they wear, kids should be allowed to choose too. Also, there is the Pursuit of Happiness. What if you didn’t like what the chosen outfit looks like? You would have to wear it anyway, because it would be against the rules if you didn’t. There is Justice. It is not fair that if you got a stain on the uniform, you would not be allowed to wear something else, you would have to get a new one. As I said before, you should wear what you want!! I don’t think kids should have to wear uniforms to school.

Uniforms Debate

I think that kids should only have to wear the Uniforms on special occasions, like a day when an important person comes. Lets’ say the school is having an assembly and you need to dress nicely. You should need to wear a uniform to make your school look more orderly. It would look really help your school so much. You would not be insulted for your sense of style ever when you are wearing your Uniforms and if you were, than you could say ‘Dude, you are wearing the same thing” and diss them back. Then they would not insult you again. That would make everyone happy.