May 10, 2010
Core Democratic Values Writing Assignment
Peanut-Free School Environment
There are many reasons that there should be no peanuts allowed in the whole school. Children that have peanut allergies can get seriously sick or even die if they eat a peanut or breathe peanut dust. Children like my son have the right to be safe and live. They should have the liberty to sit at the table they choose instead of cramming at one peanut-free table in the lunchroom. Birthday treats sometimes have peanuts so kids with peanut allergies get left out and have a different snack. Children with peanut allergies should be treated equally. If there are peanuts in the school, the kids with allergies won’t have all of their democratic values.


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I’m trying to tell my school that peanuts are a problem because sometimes kids have a serious reaction like when a kid smells peanuts the kid stops breathing and you have to stick an epee pen in its leg. Some parents don’t have the pursuit of happiness like when their kids have to sit next to kids who another kid who eats a peanut butter sandwich every day. Parents don’t just want their kids to sit at a peanut free table they want them at a peanut free school! Kids don’t have individual rights and equality. The kids have to about not happening to get infected with peanuts and they have to study for a test at the same time when they are worried about something else. Kids with peanut allergies just want to be normal like you and me. Even though we don’t have a peanut allergy it doesn’t mean we can’t still help. Sometimes if the parent doesn’t put the epee pen in on time they could die. One person can make a big difference so just help me change my school into better place.
By Gus Gus

The School Should Be Peanut-Free
by Thomas
The reason the school should be peanut free is because the government should make a peanut free school or classroom. Also people at a peanut school people might make fun of the people who are allergic to peanuts and other allergies and the kids who are allergic to peanuts have individual rights. Some kids react to peanuts badly and cloud die. It is very serious what can happen to the people who have allergies and that are why I want people to make a peanut free school

Paragraph Practice
Merritt Dudgeon
May 9, 2010

My Proposition for a Peanut-Free School

In general, peanuts are neither good nor bad for a population. This belief is generated by each individual. People’s minds perceive their environment within unique ways. This reality is created biologically within the individual’s brain and within the physical body. There is no way to entirely comprehend the reality of others. However, an individual can be respectful of the infinite realities that exist within a population. According to my belief, I would propose that the whole school become peanut-free. This is because I believe that individuals should be respectful and maintain a physically safe and socially just environment for all people. For example, we know that for some, exposure to peanuts can be life threatening; therefore, by eliminating peanuts from our school we can provide a safe haven for all students. Moreover, we can also provide a social landscape that does not isolate “others” to separate tables in the lunchroom. This physical separation could encourage a power-structure in relationships that promote a “less-than” feeling within allergic students. This “less-than” feeling could promote a life-long conflict, encouraging what is called bi-polarity. A bi-polarity of thought means that “x” is different from “y”. If allergic students feel that they are always different from other people, they could continue to feel relationally “different” from others for the rest of their lives. This is mentally unhealthy and does not serve our population well. Finally, I would argue that even though peanuts are neither good nor bad, we as a population of students should be mindful that other realities exist and that some of these realities are defined by severe peanut allergies.
Philosophy/Logic: Neopragmatism –

Peanut free or peanuts?

People that have allergies could react very badly to peanuts. The government should make some peanut free schools and some not. It is unfair when somebody brings in a treat for the class and they can’t have it. They need it to be fair they can’t have what other people have. What would it feel like if you were not treated fairly? This would make children happy because they could enjoy a peanut free lunch. Parents would like this because their kids cloud bring peanut
Products without worrying about allergies.

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