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Thursday May 20
I’m Matt I’m 19 and I’m moving out. I’m planning on moving to the West. I hear that there’s lots of unclaimed land. Anyways I’m packing up right now. I’m about to leave I’m Just saying my goodbyes. 2 hours later…….. I’m in the forest and there’s no turning back now.
I’m half way into the forest I say to myself “I better set up camp here its getting dark”. I set up camp and when I was sitting around the campfire I saw smoke coming from the other side of the forest. It took about three hours and it was bitch black. I saw some light a few trees away. I got there and I saw Indians dancing around the fire. I recognized on particular Indian Attean. They stopped dancing and looked towards me. The leader looked at me and asked me my name and where I had come from. Then Attean stepped in then we started to talk and the Indians kept dancing Attean told me about himself he said he in proved on hunting and killed 5 deer. I told him what happened to my brother and how my parents came back and everything. Then we started to dance by the fire like real Indian men. Then Matt became part of the beaver tribe.


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