Comparing Green Sea Turtles & Macaroni Penguins


Wonder List

I wonder why they are Eaten what AND part they play in Their ecosystem.I wonder how I can help Protect the Green Sea Turtles.


What habitat does your animal live in (savanna, desert, ocean, rainforest, taiga, coral reef, polar regions)

Coral Reef
Why is your animal endangered? How many are left? Answer: People Kill them for thier fat and Shells.

ur animal becomes extinct, what impact will this have on their ecosystem?
The impact on the ecosystem is the animals that eat it will die out of hunger.

what impact will it have on me (Why should people care?)
people eat it and use the Shells for accsesorries

What can I and other humans do to help?

STOP EATING TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Green Sea Turtles By: Fletcher, Marty
Endangered Turtles

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