• Teachers for and against cellphones in school

No Cell Phones in School!

Every kid wants a cell phone and the kids that have them bring them to school and they aren`t always a good thing in school. The point is that cell phones can be a distraction and a cheating tool for some kids that bring them to school. Principals should ban cell phones from classrooms. All students should have an equal opportunity to learn without a distraction of cellphones. With the distraction of cellphones not all students can learn. Cell phones can be used for cheating- by taking pictures of tests or texting for answers, and students could use the calculator function when they aren`t supposed to. Having a cell phone could encourage kids not to be trustworthy or truthful. Not allowing cellphones will help kids be truthful because they will use their phone to cheat then later on they will depend on it to give him/her the answer. Not allowing cellphones will help all students. Students will not be able to cheat or be a distraction- this will improve education and the common good.